Single or Dual reciprocating spray machine with either recovery or paper belt system. Available with dry or water filtration systems.




  • Optical bar part detection system mounted on loading conveyor
  • Paper belt with downdraft suction system to hold the belt steadily
  • Automatic reclaiming system
  • Lateral filtration system with stainless steel tanks for ease of maintenance and booth cleaning
  • optional patented DYNAMIC CNC spray system to avoid the zig zag pattern typical of reciprocating machines
  • The DYNAMIC system is especially efficient for color and stain applications
  • The DYNAMIC system allows for dramatically reducing the reciprocating arm’s speed therefore reducing the overspray and increasing the transfer efficiency up to 30%. That will directly translated into coating savings.


Xylexpo 2018

HALL 1 – STAND N10 On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Xylexpo international fair, we will show you our new automatic MASTER DYNAMIC® spraying machine. The spray machine that was missing in the...

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